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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to reshape the nose. It also corrects breathing problems. The process of Rhinoplasty helps the nose to look better and enhance functional disorders. Under this procedure, other corrections can be done such as the size of the nostrils.


Procedure for Rhinoplasty

  • Initially, discussing plans with the patients and marking will be made on the area of surgery. A combined decision will be made before the surgery.
  • Photographs will be taken of the specific area (patient’s identity will be not revealed)
  • As per the patient’s comfort Anesthesia will be given. Subsequently, antibiotics will be given for a smooth procedure, and to reduce pain & anxiety.
  • The surgeon will make incision between or inside the nostrils.
  • Skin is elevated from the cartilage & bone
  • Changes at cartilage and bone level done like narrowing base, lifting nasal tip and hump reduction.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

  • Make your nose look slimmer
  • Skin is redrapped
  • Your nose will look more aesthetic
  • Enhances breathing
  • Correct deviation septum

Recovery of Rhinoplasty

  • After your surgery apply ice packs for 2 days
  • The nasal packs will be removed on the second day
  • Sleep with head elevated for 1 week after your surgery
  • Sutures will be removed on the 6th day
  • All the dressings and splint will be removed after a week
  • You can do light work after 1 week
  • You can begin heavy physical activities after 1 month
  • Protect your nose for 1 month after reshaping the nose

Dr. Umang Kothari always adopts a discerning clinical evaluation. He understands patient’s pertinent aspects and analyses them properly before heading to surgery. His ability and competence are confirmed through positive outcomes obtained in the treatments.

The Hair and Shape Clinic will be with the patient and assist him/her from surgery to recovery.

Disclaimer: Patients visible results and recovery time may vary from person to person.